Matt Harris

Matt Harris works as a barrel clown during the bullriding. Being in the barrel has been described as  being on the worst carnival ride you can possibly imagine and loosing your handhold. During his years as a barrel clown, Matt has worked some of the best rodeos in the U.S. and Canada. The Calgary Stampede, Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, Heart O'Texas Rodeo and the Canadian Finals are a few.
Matt really prides himself in working closely with the bullfighters to position his barrel where the bullfighters need him to be. This is why so many of the bullfighters like to work with Matt and he has worked with some of the top bullfighters in rodeo. This includes his dad, Lecile Harris, who had 35 years of bullfighting experience and knows what a bullfighter needs from a barrelman.  All this helps Matt feel right at home in his portable bull shelter.
Matt is also a gifted sound and lighting technician, working some of the top rodeos around the country in this capacity. Matt's background in music as a professional drummer, gives him the innate ability to know what music goes where and when and how loud. Whenever you see Matt at a rodeo, you don't know what "hat he'll be wearing or what face." Matt can make people believe he's a space age robot, a gorilla that can play a trombone, a female opera star, a hardworking popcorn vendor or any other character that might be needed to bring Lecile's renown comedy skits to life in over 150 performances a year. Matt and Lecile work closely creating these acts.

During Lecile's four acceptance speeches on receiving Pro Rodeo Clown of the Year, Lecile was quick to give a large portion of the credit to Matt for making his comedy acts so well received. Matt is the perfect foil for Lecile to work against and the opposite is also true. Lecile also gives Matt a lot of credit for the length of his career by helping him drive the long, hard miles to all the rodeos

Matt and Joy, his wife, live in Collierville, Tennessee, 10 minutes from Memphis, with their children, Justin and Indie.